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Account Manager

A complete history of all invoices for an Organization.
This area contains the billing items for your organization - both active and inactive.

Blog Manager

Manage your blogs and articles from one central control panel.
Create and manage blogs, blog articles, and visitor comments from one interface. Content rotation and social sharing built-in.

CMS Hosting Manager

Preload scripts allow you to define advanced scripts using JavaScript and additional CSS references.
The default meta tags of your website define the way search engines see web pages. You can also override these settings on a per-page basis.

Community Manager

A quick look at a network as it will appear on a page.
Moderate posts to your network categories via the Community Manager's Social Network area.

Content Manager

Your website is made up of individual web pages linked together by hyperlinks and menus. Manage your pages and the content contained on them by using the controls in this area.
Control website content in the form of web pages, custom menus, snippets and elements, and online forms.

Customer Service

This article explains the processing of requesting a cancellation for any service.
Clients who demonstrate a consistent commitment to on-time payments are granted a $500 credit line every six months up to $5,000! Payments terms are up to six months for all one-time design and development services,


Submitting your content as organized and completely as possible it critical to helping us to create the best web pages possible. Learn about exactly how we recommend submitting content to our team.

Data Center Services

Learn about the data center that houses our servers and network infrastructure.

Domain Name Manager

Check to see if the domain name you want is available for registration. Just type it in and click the CHECK DOMAIN NAME button at the bottom of the screen.
Edit your domain's DNS settings from this area.

Domain Name Services

Virtual directories are a great way to make your pages easier to access and their URL's easier to remember. This article also provides information on sub domains and friendly URL's.
This article attempts to answer most questions regarding DNS updates. This is a guide to updating your name server settings with any major registrar.

E-Commerce Manager

This document will show users how to create and access the settings within a storefront.
Everything that your website does involving financial transactions is organized and tracked through our E-Commerce Manager. Whether you're running an online store or taking secure online donations, our platform centralizes your transactions and provides you with real-time orders, shipping, and payment processing.

E-mail Manager

E-mail aliases (forwarding addresses) are e-mail addresses that route e-mail to other destinations.
E-mail accounts allow you to send and receive e-mail through our webmail client, your favorite desktop software, or your mobile phone using your domain name.

Event Manager

This video introduction to our Event Manager provides you with a basic overview of the system and its capabilities.

Graphic Design

Under some circumstances you may notice that colors for graphics and images appear different on different monitors. You may also notice that colors appear different in your graphic design application than they do in the final online version. Color management can be a highly complex topic but this article offers some explanation for the causes of these differences and some quick tips to get the best results when working with Adobe Photoshop.

HTML / CSS Coding

This article provides you with detailed instructions on the addition of parallax sections of your website template. Requires HTML/CSS knowledge.

Learning Manager

The Student Activity area shows a log the last 100 movements by students in the Learning Manager.
The document goes over the steps for creating Learning Programs, Courses, Unit and Tests within the Learning Manager.

Media Manager

Default storage location for any files uploaded to your site.
Create media players for the files added to your published folders and media feeds.

Media Player

For those of you wanting to utilize audio or video files on your site, we have a solution. Your File Manager is capable of not only storing your favorite images and documents, but any audio or video files as well.

Media Services

Once you have created a feed, you will need to add media to display in your feed.
The first step to publishing your media is creating a feed which published information about the files to play.


This article can help you to configure your POP e-mail accounts correctly to prevent blacklisting due to backscatter.
This article describes the differences between POP e-mail and e-mail forwarding.

Project Tracker Guide

Find out exactly how to communicate with your project manager whenever you need to. It's super easy and convenient to do so right from within the Project Tracker.
As a client, it's important to learn how to use the Project Tracker for your ongoing projects. Learn step by step about how to properly communicate, approve, reject, and review projects as they are being worked on for you.

Relationship Manager

This area is used to search the Relationship Manager for specific memberships or other grouping criteria within the database.
This is the area used to create a new profile in the Relationship Manager.

Resource Manager

Create and manage a browsable, searchable directory of categorized recommended links.
This application allows you to manage information resources that you provide to your website visitors.

Search Engines

Can't find your site using search engines? Read on to learn more about search engine optimization.

Web Services

This article details how a favicon can be added to your site using the tag:

What to Expect

Whenever you submit everything we need in order to deliver a service, there is a 1-5 business day turnaround time for the work. Learn more about why and how to minimize delays in your project.
When we need information and materials before delivering the services you ordered, those are known as requirements. Learn more about requirements and how to submit them properly.