About Us

Richard Marcial is the Minister and founder of True Light Healing Ministries. True Light Healing Ministries was birthed in the month of July 2013 in a small apartment in Brooklyn New York. God gave the Ministry its Name and its Purpose, HIS WORD, HIS TOUCH, HIS PRESENCE. At an early age Minister Marcial felt the calling of God on his life; he did not understand it, but he knew he was different. He had tried to run from it, but the Lord was always there. He served in many different ministries and in various capacities, but in his heart, he knew God's hands were upon his life. We believe the ministry's function is to fulfill the Great Commission Commanded by Jesus Christ through the spreading of the Gospel (Matthew 28:16). Minister Marcial and his wife Joanne lives in Queens New York with their two sons Sylvon and Matthew.


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